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About Us

About us

Perfection is the standard we set here at Sance Laboratories Private Limited. We take all necessary measures and even the minutest steps to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, because we keep in mind our consumers, the future of this world. We understand that it's a privilege to manufacture and supply cephalosporin antibiotics in dosage forms like DRY POWDER FOR INJECTIONS, TABLETS, CAPSULES and DRY SYRUPS for various countries around the globe. We take this responsibility very seriously, as supplying products of high quality CONSISTENTLY is the hallmark of SANCE.


We recognize the importance of quality in our processes and products. We have implemented the Total Quality Management System. Process automation under quality personnel distinct ourselves in the industry and we set high benchmarks in terms of quality.​


We the Employees of Sance Laboratories Private Limited are committed to achieve excellence in quality standards and manufacture products as per international requirements.
We   create   and   operate   an   environment   where   each   employee contributes to all aspects of our business processes. We strive for continuous improvement to meet with customer requirements and satisfaction.”


Sance  family  consists  of  professionals  in  their  respective  area  of expertise and we believe that people are our asset. We provide training, growth and equal opportunities to each of our employee.  The functional and organizational requirements are clubbed into various departments like Quality Assurance, Production, Quality Control, Formulation & Development, Engineering, Finance and Administration etc.


The facility is designed and built as per the requirements of international regulatory guidelines of WHO etc. etc.   The plant is controlled by integrated building management system with access control of M/s Honeywell Automation Ltd, who are the pioneers in this field.

Quality Assurance

Sance Quality Assurance convers all matters  that individually or collectively influence the Quality of Sance products. It consists of the the totality of the arrangements made with the object of ensutring that pharmaceutical products are of the quality required for their intended use.

Quality Systems

•    Vendor Approval
•    Qualifications and validations
•    Rawmaterial control
•    Packaging material control
•    In-process control and monitoring bulk release
•    Micro biological purity
•    Batch card audit
•    Finished products release
•    Stability study(As per ICH standards)
•    Change of control procedure
•    Document control
•    Factory hygiene
•    Planned preventive maintenance
•    Self inspection and audit
•    Training 
•    Market complaints
•    Deactivation prcedures


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